Thursday, December 15, 2016

update on Cash man!

Our family was sealed to Cash-man this year a couple of days after we adopted him!  He is doing really well.  He has his tantrums etc. just like any 5 year old of course, and a couple of things we are working through, but overall it has been easier than i thought it would be to adopt a little boy from foster care.   I think people hear more about all the hard or scary things about foster care and not enough about the great and special things!  Something many people don't know is how much you can specify when you agree to do foster care.  You can pretty much say exactly what you are looking for and what things you can and cannot handle.  The more specific you get the longer it could take to get a child, but you are able to ask for exactly what you think you can handle.  You can even request that they be legally free so you don't have to do anything with the bio parents.  

Pace gave a talk at the primary program about our sealing and he said "Cash kept winking at everyone and we were all so happy and I thought maybe one day I will adopt"  When we were getting our pictures taken afterward, Cash kept wiggling his eyebrows up and down at the people watching- like "too late to take it back now mwahahaha!"   It was a wonderful and amazing day and we are so thankful for the way Heavenly Father knows us so well and the ways He blesses us!

I kept thinking how sad it was that Cash had to go through what he had to go through and that maybe if I had been more in tune after we had Daphne and been willing to have another baby then maybe Cash would have just come to our family in the first place and not had to go through the sad times he did.  I know with all my heart though that this thinking is faulty!  Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for everyone to become the person they are supposed to be!  And as it says in the sealing, it is now just as though he had been born to us!  He is ours FoREVeR and he was always meant to be ours!
What an adorable, sweet and silly boy, i LoVE his little high voice!  He learns songs really quickly and has all 13 articles of faith pretty much down!  The kids are, for the most part, patient and great with him, especially the girls.  He has some really great teachers and I am also so very thankful for our extended families who have been so supportive and welcomed him whole-heartedly!

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  1. So cute about Pace's talk and saying someday he might adopt